Afar is a hot, dry region of Ethiopia. In the old days, all the people of Afar were nomads. They moved about with their cattle, their camels, their sheep and their goats, looking for grass and water for their animals. They took their houses with them.

Afar stories tell us much about the old culture of the Afar people. Their lives are changing now, but the old stories are not forgotten.

 The Stories
1 The King of the Forest
2 The Best Dream
3 The Donkey and the Hyena
4 The Hunter’s Wife
5 The Lion, the Fox and the Hyena
6 The Clever Fox
7 The Bull and his Calf
8 The Good Wife


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These stories were originally told by: Mohammed Ahmed Algani, Ousman Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed Ali Akitoy, Alo Yayo Barule, and Ibrahim M.I. Waytu

With thanks to the Afar Education and Culture Bureau and the translators Michael Ambatchew and Mohammed Algani

© These versions of the stories retold by Elizabeth Laird 
© Exercises written by Elizabeth Laird and Ann Rossiter
© Illustrations by Yosef Kebede and Eric Robson